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Lusitanian and Spanish Episcopal Reformed Churches host Porvoo youth pilgrimage

Anglican and Lutheran young people to journey together to Santiago de Compostela

24 August 2015

Jovens da Comunhao de Porvoo em peregrinacao a Santiago de Compostela

A peregrinação é organizada pela Igreja Lusitana e pela Igreja Espanhola Reformada Episcopal

24 August 2015

Lusitanian and Spanish Episcopal Reformed Churches mark 50 years full communion with Old Catholic Churches

Presentation of Anglican Old Catholic International Coordinating Council statement "Belonging together in Europe" 

24 June 2015

New paperback book for Street Angels

"This book contains great examples of the way volunteers from churches and communities are helping to change a culture"

02 December 2014

Iglesia Espanola celebra dos nuevos sacerdotes en una semana

En una parroquia en el sur de España ha habido inusualmente dos nuevas licencias en una semana.

18 September 2013

Call for prayers after Spanish train crash

The Rt Revd Carlos López-Lozano, has called on all Anglican churches in Spain to remember the victims of yesterday's horrific train crash

25 July 2013

Spanish Episcopal Church Welcomes - Walking to Emmaus Consultation to Cathedral

Bishops from 24 dioceses in the United States and 31 dioceses in Africa joined the congregation of Madrid’s Iglesia Episcopal de España for a Eucharist on July 22, 2007.  

25 July 2007

Spain's Anglicans Celebrate Milestone in Salamanca

The memory of the slain priest, the Revd Atilano Coco, murdered by General Franco as he seized Salamanca during the civil war, was honoured in the new Anglican Centre in the historic city, opened last weekend

11 November 2005

Notas del Obituario del Obispo Ramon Taibo Sienes

Notas del Obituario del Obispo Ramon Taibo Sienes

El Revmo Ramón Taibo Sienes, Obispo Anglicano de la Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal, falleció el reciente 26 de Octubre de 2001, luego de un larga enfermedad

03 November 2001

Obituary note on Bishop Ramon Taibo Sienes

Obituary note on Bishop Ramon Taibo Sienes

Rt Rev Ramón Taibo Sienes, Anglican Bishop of the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church passed away last 26th October 2001, after a long time of illness.

03 November 2001