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New paperback book for Street Angels

Posted on: December 2, 2014 1:13 PM
The Street Angels are volunteers who look out for members of their community - particularly after night out
Photo Credit: Street Angels
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From, with additional reporting by ACNS

A new book telling the story of the Street Angels intiative's expansion across the UK and Spain has been published as a paperback.

Street Angels - the amazing story from binge to better was written and compiled by Paul Blakey MBE and tells the story of the launch of Halifax Street Angels, the expansion through CNI (Christian Nightlife Initiatives) Network and stories of changed communities and changed lives from over thirty local projects.

Mr Blakey said, "This book is a collection of amazing stories from across the UK and Spain and is a great example of the way volunteers from churches and communities are helping change a culture."

The Bishop Tony Robinson, patron of CNI Network, writes in the foreword, "Much of the news we hear about night life in our towns and cities is about unsocial behaviour and violence. So it is heartening to be able to read this story which, though not in any way diminishing the impact of harsh realities, tells of faith, hope and love."

More than 120 communities teams of volunteers head to the streets, nightclubs, beaches, parks and safe place drop-in’s with an agenda to simply love the person in front of them.

Together they have helped tens of thousands: people who were or could become vulnerable; people in need of sensible footwear after a night out on the tiles; those needing first aid; people who need a listening ear or directions.

Thanks to the Street Angels initiative, alcohol-related violence and A&E admissions in the UK are reducing year on year. Younger teenagers are less likely to drink and drink less regularly. Streets are becoming safer. 

The book, priced at £7.99, is available on-line as well as at a number of retailers, see . The book is also available as an eBook on Kindle, Google Play and as a PDF.