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Lusitanian and Spanish Episcopal Reformed Churches mark 50 years full communion with Old Catholic Churches

Posted on: June 24, 2015 11:37 AM

[The Lusitanian Church] On 26 and 27 June 2015, the St. Paul Cathedral of the Lusitanian Church, in Lisbon, will host the celebratory event of the 50th anniversary of full communion between the Lusitanian Church, the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church and the Utrecht Union - Old-Catholic Churches.
The event will have the presence of the Archbishop of Utrecht, Dr. Yoris Vercammen and will be a time of celebration and gathering.
The program, which starts on Friday, 26th June, at 14:30, will have time to contemplate the historical and theological knowledge, the discernment of the same ecclesial identity and time for prayer and joint Eucharist celebration.
It will be presented the theological document "Belonging together in Europe" a joint statement on aspects of ecclesiology and mission produced by the Anglican Old Catholic International Coordinating Council.
Speakers will be Bishop Fernando Soares, Bishop Emeritus of the Lusitanian Church, the Master Antonio Manuel Silva, Anglican Institute of Theological Studies, Bishop Carlos Lopez Lozano,  Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church, the Archbishop Joris Vercammen, Union of Utrecht and the theologian Jenny Knudsen.
The event will end on Saturday, June 27, at 15:00 in the Cathedral, with a Mass of Thanksgiving, co-chaired by the Bishops Pina Cabral, Lozano and Vercammen.

The Lusitanian Church and the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church are extra-provincial dioceses of the Anglican Communion under the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Read more about the anniversary on the Lusitanian Church’s website. Em português