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Anglican Alliance announces appointment of new Executive Director

The Anglican Alliance has announced the appointment of its new Executive Director, Robert Dawes who will take over in October 2024.

16 July 2024

The Diocese of Tabora in Tanzania unanimously votes to ordain women

The 12th Synod of the Diocese of Tabora in the Anglican Church of Tanzania has unanimously voted to accept the ordination of women.

21 June 2024

Anglican Communion Office staff update Compass Rose Society members on their work

Staff from the Anglican Communion Office shared highlights from their work and said why support from the Compass Rose Society matters.

12 October 2023

Compass Rose Society visit to Tanzania ends after ‘very special week’

The Compass Rose Society remarkable visit to Tanzania ended this week with words of praise and gratitude from Bishop Anthony Poggo.

16 August 2023

Compass Rose Society members visit Tanzania

Members of the Compass Rose Society are taking part in a visit to Tanzania learning about the Church’s mission and ministry in East Africa. 

10 August 2023

Anglican Consultative Council vote shapes new Anglican Communion Standing Committee

The result of elections to the Standing Committee of the global Anglican Communion of Churches has been announced during ACC-18.

18 February 2023

Bishop George Chiteto of Mpwapwa, Tanzania, dies six days after his consecration as bishop

The Bishop of Mpwapa in the Anglican Church of Tanzania, Bishop George Chiteto, died on Saturday, just six days after he was consecrated.

05 September 2022

Anglican Communion welcomes UN call for peace in Ukraine

Chair of the Anglican Communion UN Reference Group, Archbishop Maimbo, has welcomed UN call for peace in the Ukraine.

07 March 2022

Anglican leaders explore global church and state relationships during USPG gathering

Anglican leaders discuss the changing relationship between state and church at USPG's triennial International Consultation in Barbados.

14 June 2019

Vital role for African church leaders in wiping out malaria

Anglican Churches of Africa are a “unique, trusted network” with a vital role to play in the elimination of malaria across the continent.

24 May 2019