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Compass Rose Society visit to Tanzania ends after ‘very special week’

Posted on: August 16, 2023 10:55 AM
The Compass Rose Society and Bishop Antony bid farewell to Archbishop Maimbo and their hosts in Tanzania
Photo Credit: ACNS

The Compass Rose Society visit to Tanzania ended this week with praise and thanks from the Anglican Communion Secretary General, Bishop Anthony Poggo. He said: “This has been a very special week for me and for members of the Compass Rose Society as we learned so much about the work of the Anglican Church of Tanzania and the remarkable ministry and mission of the bishops, clergy and laity here. The contacts and relationships built during this week will remain with us in the years ahead.”

The weeklong visit started at St John’s University in the Diocese of Dodoma (read about the first half of the journey here). The delegation visited the dioceses of Dar es Salam, Dodoma, Zanzibar and Tanga.

During their stay as guests of the Diocese of Zanzibar, they visited the old slave market, now a cathedral, in Stone Town. While there, Bishop Anthony reflected: “I can never understand how slavery was considered acceptable by so many people. I am at Stone Town in Zanzibar, site of one of the largest slave markets in Africa, where people were dehumanised and transported as recently as 1909. The site is now home to Christ Church Cathedral.”

In the Diocese of Tanga, the delegation visited the Kwamkono Disabled Centre, which is owned by the diocese. They were accompanied by the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Tanzania and the Diocese of Tanga, Maimbo  Mndolwa. Children are given access to education and other social services which they would not otherwise have.  The Director of the centre, the Revd John Sembuyagi spoke to the delegation about the successes and challenges they face.

Archbishop Maimbo explained how important the centre is to the community and described its great contribution to serving people regardless of their religion, race or colour. The centre relies on contributions from the diocese and other supporting stakeholders. Afterwards, the visitors attended a short service at the Anglican Church St Francis of Assisi in Kwamkono and then visited St Francis Kwamkono Hospital.

The Compass Rose Society is an international philanthropic group of people who provide financial support to the Anglican Communion. This visit marks a return to their annual Communion visits, which had to cease as a result of the Covid pandemic.  The delegates expressed deep gratitude and gratefulness for the opportunity to visit. Gratitude to the province and the people for their incredible welcome and hospitality.