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Lent Resources: Church Army dares you to be salt and light in the world

Posted on: February 6, 2018 2:05 PM
Church Army is using its Lent Resource to dare people to be Salt and Light
Photo Credit: Church Army

The Church Army – a mission society linked with the Anglican Churches in the UK and Ireland – has produced a series of Lent reflections in which they dare people to carry out tasks designed to inspire and activate them in their evangelism. Their “Being Salt and Light” evangelism series is based on Matthew 5: 13-16. People signed up to the resource will receive a weekly reflection and two dares, which they hope will help people grow in confidence sharing their faith with the people they encounter during Lent, and afterwards.

The Church Army began as a society of lay evangelists in the Church of England. It now works also with the Church in Wales, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church of Ireland. It delivers its vision through what it calls the Dare strategy: Doing evangelism, Advocating evangelism, Resourcing evangelism, and Enabling evangelism.

Their Lent course was prepared by a variety of contributors with unique perspectives on everyday mission; and comes in two versions: one for individuals and another “improved version” for use by families.

In addition to the reflections and dares, Church Army has prepared a series of mobile phone lock screens and computer desktop backgrounds to keep evangelism at the forefront of people’s minds.

People can sign-up to receive the Being Salt and Light emails on Church Army’s website.