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"Reconciliation – the message and the ministry" - Joint Easter Message from the Archbishops of Armagh

A joint Holy Week and Easter Message on reconciliation from Archbishop John McDowell and Archbishop Eamon Martin of Armagh.

02 April 2024

Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough launches Appeal for the Diocese of Jerusalem

The Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough has launched its “Shine a light for the Diocese of Jerusalem” appeal at St Ann’s Church Dublin.

07 December 2023

Northern Ireland church leaders urge politicians to focus on the restoration of good governance

The Church Leaders Group of Ireland have invited leaders of main political parties to meetings focusing on the restorating of good governance.

09 November 2023

Primates, bishops and synods from across the Communion react to the Israel-Hamas war

Primates and Bishops from across the Anglican Communion are praying for peace and calling for a swift end to the Israeli-Hamas war.

19 October 2023

Dublin Archbishop appointed Anglican co-chair of dialogue with Oriental Orthodox Churches

The Anglican Archbishop of Dublin, the Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson, is appointed as the co-chair of ecumenical dialogue group.

06 June 2023

Anglican Consultative Council vote shapes new Anglican Communion Standing Committee

The result of elections to the Standing Committee of the global Anglican Communion of Churches has been announced during ACC-18.

18 February 2023

Death of Queen Elizabeth II: Statement from the Archbishop of Armagh & Primate of All Ireland

The Primate of the Church of Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh, John McDowell, issues a statement following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

09 September 2022

Joint Holy Week and Easter message from Archbishop-elect John McDowell and Archbishop Eamon Martin

Archbishops John McDowell and Eamon Martin, the Anglican and Roman Catholic Primates of Ireland offer a joint message for this Easter.

14 April 2022

New Church of Ireland liturgy to help children reflect on pandemic experiences

The Liturgical Advisory Committee (LAC) of the Church of Ireland has published a new liturgy to help children reflect on pandemic experiences.

24 September 2021

Churches call for unified political response to community tensions in Northern Ireland

Ecumenical group of church leaders urges Northern Ireland, UK, Irish, and EU leaders to jointly address violence and community tensions.

15 April 2021