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Irish bishop and English priest lead cross-cultural mission training in Myanmar

Posted on: August 15, 2017 7:50 AM
Participants at this month’s cross-cultural mission and research approaches training programme held at the Association of Theological Education in Myanmar training complex in Yangon.
Photo Credit: The Revd Dr Joshva Raja
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An ecumenical association for theological educators in Myanmar held a training workshop on cross cultural mission and research approaches this month. The four-day event was led by the Church of Ireland’s Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Michael Jackson, and a Church of England vicar from the diocese of Birmingham, Dr Joshva Raja. Some of the 25 theological educators who attended the programme travelled for two days to reach the Association of Theological Education in Myanmar (ATEM) training complex in Yangon from different parts of the country.

ATEM has grown from its initial membership of 12 churches and eight theological institutions in 1986 and now serves some 34-member schools: 22 are based in Yangon and 12 are spread across the regions. ATEM provides faculty development for member schools, organises training, workshops and seminars, provides resource materials, and helps to develop theological college libraries.

Archbishop Michael said that he had “learnt a lot” while speaking about cross-cultural training to the lecturers from Myanmar.

“This training went beyond my expectations introducing the areas that are discussed globally and regionally,” Dr Lal Tin, the director of ATEM, said. “This is timely and excellent training for our lecturers, exposing new areas of cross-cultural mission.”