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New social media platform for reconciling Anglican families

Posted on: June 12, 2015 1:25 PM

An Anglican woman’s pioneering work with children with albinism features on the International Anglican Family Network’s new Facebook page,heralding the network’s fresh focus on the family as “a reconciling community”.

“Martha Mganga’s work in Tanzania dispels many of the dangerous myths associated with albinism”, says IAFN chair, the Rt Revd David Rossdale, “and encourages families to protect and cherish their children born with the condition.

“We already have our themed newsletters with thousands of readers worldwide, but having a social media platform means that we can keep the conversation going and share good practice stories more often,” continues the Rt Revd Rossdale.

IAFN’s next newsletter and social media platform will continue to explore the theological concept of family as the primary place of belonging and develop the theme of family and reconciliation. Stories from different contexts will show how, across the Communion and beyond its structures, churches are supporting families struggling to sustain a sense of belonging because family members have become estranged or where relationships are not working well.

The International Anglican Family Network is a forum for the exchange of information about the challenges facing families in different countries and cultures and the practical work being undertaken by churches and individual Christians. To learn more, like the IAFN Facebook page, subscribe to IAFN News and find useful resources on the IAFN website.