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The Networks of the Anglican Communion Podcast 6

Posted on: May 11, 2009 4:48 PM
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If you type the letters CUAC into a computer search engine you will discover that it can mean Credit Union Acceptance Corporation or the Cambridge Union Athletic Club. As important as those fine organizations might be for Anglican CUAC has a very special meaning- it is the Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion.

The Revd Canon Don Thompson
Photo Credit: ACNS

It was formed as a worldwide association of Anglican colleges and universities of higher education as a result of an International Conference at Canterbury in 1993 to bea continuing association in the spirit of mutual respect, reciprocity and support. Their hope was to enhance international/intercultural understanding through education, examine issues of values within the context of church-related higher education, and examine further the potential within the Anglican Communion to serve God and the world more effectively, imaginatively and creatively.

With that mission in mind they set out to do their work through development of visits and exchanges for students, faculty and administrators, engagement in volunteer service to people in need, scheduled meetings and conferences on topics related to high education, regular communication of bulletins and newsletters, joint curricular development, sharing of institutional and educational resources, and scholarly journals, research, and joint degrees.

With institutions on all five continents, CUAC has become a global network of Colleges and Universities who strive to assist their faculty and students to become better global citizens of our diverse world.

Their story is told on a pod cast with the Revd. Canon Dr Don Thompson their General Secretary.

Listen to the Podcast here

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