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Resolutions of ACC-13 from June 22 and 23

Posted on: June 23, 2005 4:35 PM
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International Anglican Family Network

The Anglican Consultative Council:
receives the report of the International Anglican Family Network thanks the members of the Network for their ongoing contribution to the life of the Anglican Communion

Inter-Anglican Finance and Administration Committee

The Anglican Consultative Council:
adopts and approves the Statement of Accounts for the fifteen months ending 31 December 2003 and the year ending 31 December 2004

The Appointment of the Archbishop of York

The Anglican Consultative Council:
notes with pleasure the news of the appointment of the Bishop of Birmingham, Dr John Sentamu, as Archbishop of York, and offers its prayers and good wishes for a fruitful and happy ministry.

ACC Constitutional Change (ACC to be a charitable company)

The Anglican Consultative Council:


  • notes and approves the draft memorandum and articles proposed by the Standing Committee in order to reconstitute the work of the Council within the framework of a limited liability company as requested by ACC 11 and ACC 12; and
  • authorises the Standing Committee to make such final amendments to the documentation as may be needed in the light of this Council's discussions and the views of the Primates Meeting, and in accordance with legal advice and any further comments received from the Charity Commissioners; and
  • requests the Standing Committee to establish such a body with charitable status in accordance with the such approved draft Memorandum and Articles as amended as a result of any such views, advice or comments ; and
  • resolves to transfer to the new charitable company all the Council's assets and liabilities in due course and to wind up the affairs of the existing legal entity once the new arrangements are in place.


ACC Constitutional Change (in the light of the Windsor Report)

The Anglican Consultative Council


  • takes note that the Secretary General has taken appropriate steps to implement and respond to the recommendations of Appendix One of the Windsor Report insofar as they relate to the administration of the Anglican Communion Office, and thanks him for this work;
  • requests that the Standing Committee of the Council and the Archbishop of Canterbury give consideration to convening a meeting of the Standing Committee at the same time and in the same place as the next meeting of the Primates, and that they facilitate the opportunity for joint sessions of business and consultation;
  • requests that the Schedule of Membership of the Council be amended to make the members of the Primates' Standing Committee for the time being ex officio members of the Anglican Consultative Council in accordance with the text set out in Appendix One;
  • resolves that the Constitution of the Council be amended by the deletion of existing Article 7(a) and replacing it with the text set out in Appendix Two;
  • requests that the Schedule of Membership of the Council be amended to provide that the Primates and Moderators of the Churches of the Provinces of the Anglican Communion shall be additional ex officio members of the Council, and that in order to achieve appropriate balance between the orders of bishops, clergy and laity in the Council that the representative members shall thereafter be only from either the priestly and diaconal orders or from the laity of the appropriate Provinces as set out in Appendix Three, the execution of this amendment being subject to:
    • the Primates' assent to such a change at their next meeting;
    • two thirds of the Provinces of the Anglican Communion giving their approval of such a change by resolution of the appropriate constitutional body;
    • final amendment (if any) and approval by the Standing Committee in the light of such deliberations;
    • such provisions taking effect in relation to existing members of the Council only upon the occasion of the next vacancy arising in the membership.