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New Bishop Inducted

Posted on: June 9, 1998 12:43 PM
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(ALC) The Revd Miguel Tamayo Saldivar has been inducted as the new Anglican Bishop of Uruguay yesterday in the Holy Trinity Metropolitan Cathedral in Montevideo.

The ceremony, both solemn and festive, was attended by Anglican Bishops from Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, and the United States, Roman Catholic Church authorities and leaders from the main Protestant communities in the country.

The Church welcomed a multitude of faithful from all Anglican parishes in the country, who came to attend the celebration led by Mauricio Sinclair, Primate Bishop of the province and to hear the sermon given by Onell Soto, auxiliary bishop of Atlanta, USA.

The Anglican Church has been present in the country since 1844. It originally founded two communities, one in the capital and later one in Salto, 500 kms. north. Its first mission was to serve English immigrants living in Uruguay.

In 1988 it became an independent diocese under the dynamic leadership of William Godfrey, who spearheaded the growth and progress of the Anglican work in the country. Today, thanks to his inspiration and effort, the Church has many social projects working with the poor, beggars, abandoned children and prostitutes.

Bishop "Billy" as he is affectionately known, is now in Lima, Peru. He was unfortunately unable to attend the consecration due to health reasons. However, his letter read at the beginning of the ceremony moved all those present.

The Revd Miguel Tamayo arrived in the country in 1995, as a Mission companion and parish priest for the Cathedral.

The prelate, born in Cuba July 5, 1944, studied in the Evangelical Seminary of Matanzas and was ordained in his country in 1970.

Since then he tirelessly carried out his ministry in several cities on the Island and offered multiple services as parish priest, dean, archdeacon, professor and chaplain.

In his agreeable Caribbean tone he greeted the community at the end of the ceremony affirming that the "joy of serving the Lord in these lands is great and I ask that you accompany my ministry and responsibilities with your prayers."