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South America

South American bishops call governments to implement zero deforestation

Eight Anglican, South American bishops have issued a statement calling for international governments to implement zero deforestation.

02 October 2019

Brazilian bishops blame Amazon fires on ‘greed and hatred’

A group of 15 Brazilian bishops in Brazil have called on their government to take action to stop the spread of fires in the Amazon.

04 September 2019

United Nations hears of Anglican Communion Churches’ active role in tackling climate change

The role of the church in tackling climate change was highlighted during a televised discussion from the UN Head Office in New York yesterday.

07 June 2019

Former Roman Catholic priest Daniel Genovesi consecrated as Anglican Bishop of Uruguay

A former Roman Catholic priest, Daniel Genovesi, has been consecrated as Bishop of Uruguay in Anglican Church of South America.

18 March 2019

Anglican leaders conclude regional Primates’ Meeting with hope

Anglican Primates from the Americas and the Caribbean have Committed to continue meeting regularly and working together in future.

29 November 2018

Archbishop of Central America elected to Anglican Communion’s Standing Committee

Archbishop Julio Murray of Central America has been elected as the Americas Primate on the Anglican Communion’s Standing Committee.

28 November 2018

Anglican leaders from the Americas gather in Toronto for regional Primates’ Meeting

The leaders the Anglican Provinces from Cape Horn to the Arctic are gathering in Toronto, Canada, for a regional Primates’ Meeting.

27 November 2018

Birth of a new mission as “shining light” Chile becomes Anglican Communion’s 40th province

The Iglesia Anglicana de Chile has been inaugurated as the latest province of the Anglican Communion in a service of joy in Santiago.

05 November 2018

Final preparations underway for inauguration of Chile as 40th Anglican Communion Province

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is travelling to Santiago to officially inaugurate the newest Province of the Anglican Communion.

01 November 2018

La Iglesia Anglicana de Chile ratificada como cuadragésima Provincia de la Comunión Anglicana

La Iglesia Anglicana de Chile, actualmente diócesis de la Iglesia Anglicana de América del Sur, se convertirá en la 40.a Provincia de la Comunión Anglicana.

04 October 2018