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Science as "something that can help theology"

Church of England backs programme to promote greater relationship between faith and science.

19 March 2015

Sewanee School of Theology on list of 'world changing' seminaries

The Sewanee seminary is celebrating being one of two Episcopal institutions labelled as 'world changing' 

03 March 2015

Anglican Church of Southern Africa’s e-reader project goes live

The project's aim is to give theological students across Africa easier access to online lectures and electronic libraries.

02 March 2015

Partnership for Publishing New Voices: Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church Mission Society and Durham University have become partners in creating an innovative seven year post: Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion.

16 February 2015

The Anglican Communion’s Bible initiative report available for e-reader, tablet

“We hope that these electronic versions will enable easy access at a very low cost.” - Stephen Lyon

26 January 2015

Gold Medal awarded to Bible Women book

Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter, has been voted one of the year’s best books for Bible study.

23 January 2015

African Anglican priest, scholar translates Bible into Kikamba language

A translation called The Kikamba Bible - Utianiyo Mweu Wa Mwiyai Yesu Kilisto was launched in December.

13 January 2015

Griswold to facilitate meeting between GTS professors, trustees

Former Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold will facilitate the Oct. 16 meeting between trustees of the General Theological Seminary and eight professors whose employment is at the core of the dispute

15 October 2014

Education remains priority amid General Seminary faculty departures

The board of trustees’ executive committee for General Theological Seminary in New York has “voted with great regret to accept the resignations” of eight full-time professors 

30 September 2014

Five top resources all Christians should check out

The Bible in the Life of the Church project is collecting resources to help Christians connect more deeply with the Bible.

25 September 2014


VIDEO: St Patrick's Day 2015 with the Archbishop of Canterbury


Pam's fury

Eyewitness report from the cyclone-hit Pacific island of Vanuatu

A cathedral celebrates 108 years of ministry in Manila

The Episcopal Church in the Philippines recently celebrated 108 years of its national cathedral.