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Further update on the European refugee crisis by United Society

Update on the latest situation facing refugees relocated from Idomeni, on the Greece-Macedonia border, to Athens where they face over-crowding and a lack of resources, by Max McClellan, who is helping to co-ordinate the response to the refugee crisis in Greece on behalf of the Anglican mission agency United Society (formerly USPG) and the Diocese in Europe.

16 December 2015

Ethiopia: Anglican Church continues to support South Sudanese refugees

Us (formerly USPG) supporting Anglican Church’s efforts to assist those fleeing war

03 August 2015

Spotlight on gender justice at Us annual conference

‘The Gospel does not stop women, culture does,’ says Church of Pakistan educational trainer

03 August 2015

Church-led research will investigate links between human trafficking and FTSE 100 companies

A pioneering piece of academic research aims to uncover the links between human trafficking and the global activities of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies

03 February 2015

Church asks for prayer and support as severe flooding hits Malawi

Torrential rains in Malawi have claimed up to 50 lives and left tens of thousands homeless, as well as threatening harvests.

16 January 2015

Reaching out to the poor is an act of justice, not charity

Reaching out to the poor should not be viewed as an act of charity – but as an act of justice, says theologian in new Lent course for 2015

21 November 2014

Hundreds of church-goers respond to domestic violence campaign

An Us campaign to tackle domestic violence has touched hearts in Britain and Ireland

22 October 2014

West Africa churches' urgent call for support over Ebola outbreak

Church leaders and agency workers in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are calling for increased prayer and practical support as they struggle to contain the Ebola outbreak.  

03 September 2014

Churches in West Africa call for prayer as Ebola virus spreads

Church leaders in West Africa have asked for our prayers as the Ebola virus continues to spread

08 August 2014

Us, Brazil’s Primate say: "Enjoy the football, just don’t forget those in poverty"

The World Cup is a global celebration, on a par with the Olympic Games. As a global showcase, it is an opportunity to bring people and cultures together.

12 June 2014