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New Brunswick Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops unite in child development campaign

A Roman Catholic bishop and his Anglican counterpart have created a project to address development needs of children living in poverty.

05 October 2018

Amazon raises minimum wage after pay-level criticism from the Archbishop of Canterbury

The international online retailer is raising its minimum wage, just weeks after criticism over pay levels from Archbishop Justin Welby.

02 October 2018

Evangelism bishop says C of E is “coming back” to England’s housing estates

The Chair of the C of E’s Estates Evangelism Task Group has said that the Church is returning to the country’s inner-city housing estates.

27 September 2018

Archbishop Justin Welby urges government to put food-banks out of business

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for a society where church-run food banks and homeless shelters are no longer needed.

12 September 2018

Archbishop of Canterbury calls for “fundamental reform” of Britain’s economy

In a report, Archbishop Justin Welby says that Britain’s economy “is not working for millions of people and needs fundamental reform.”

05 September 2018

Church in Wales highlights “poor upbringing” of Welsh children during Eisteddfod event

Church volunteers are stepping in to provide food and support for struggling families as cuts to public spending impact on child poverty.

10 August 2018

Archbishop of Wales uses cultural festival appearance to highlight child poverty

Archbishop John Davies will use an appearance at the National Eisteddfod tomorrow to highlight increasing levels of child poverty in Wales.

07 August 2018

Anglican Church of Burundi helps improve rice growing techniques

Anglican Church of Burundi is helping train farmers to improve rice yields as part of efforts to combat food insecurity in the country.

15 May 2018

Archbishop of Canterbury briefed on “heartbreaking” situation in South Sudan

A delegation of former ministers from South Sudan has Archbishop Justin about the growing humanitarian crisis in their country.

14 May 2018

Anglican bishops join other faith leaders to criticise British “two-child” welfare cap

Sixty bishops have joined other faith leaders to criticise a British government cap on the number of children counted for welfare purposes.

06 April 2018