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Church asks for prayer and support as severe flooding hits Malawi

Torrential rains in Malawi have claimed up to 50 lives and left tens of thousands homeless, as well as threatening harvests.

16 January 2015

Malawi Anglican Dean: "Interfaith secret is sharing the Gospel"

"You don't argue with people or stir them up. That's not going to transform them. It's God who is going to convict their hearts" - The Ven. Mponda.

14 November 2014

"Clergy often too busy to 'make disciples'" - South African priest

A South African priest has said many clergy are too busy attending to other aspects of church life to 'make disciples of all nations'.

03 November 2014

“Self-sustainability and Unity, a priority for our Church,” Central Africa Primate

The Most Revd Albert Chama has told ACNS that the Provincial Churches need to co-operate and share best practice to have the most impact.

27 August 2014

Christian, Muslims leaders in Tanzania: "We will promote peace"

The 2014 Christian-Muslim Conference in Tanzania concluded with an historic affirmation of the shared humanity between participants.

27 June 2014

Anglican Bishop Says Politicians Sponsored Mangochi Violence

The Anglican church has strongly blamed some politicians in Mangochi for allegedly sponsoring demonstrations that claimed one life on Friday last week.

12 June 2014

Malawi: parishes unite to build new church

Malawi priest: “We are witnessing the oneness of the Anglican Church as we gather for the purpose of building God’s house.”

06 June 2014

"Voice of the Church is still respected," Malawi bishop

An Anglican bishop in Malawi has challenged his government over poverty and corruption.

19 April 2014

"Campaign responsibly" Malawi Anglican Church tells political parties

After people were killed at a political rally, Malawi's Anglican leaders have challenged politicians to avoid election violence. 

01 April 2014

Malawi Anglicans address rapid population growth

The Anglican Church in Malawi has joined other faith groups in the country to educate people on the importance of family planning 

24 January 2014