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News Stories


Global Anglican Communion given greater voice in choosing future Archbishops of Canterbury

Churches from the global Anglican Communion will be formally represented on the body which nominates future Archbishops of Canterbury.

12 July 2022

New Zealand: Lay leadership core theme at Anglican Maori General Synod

Laity must take control of administration to free clergy to get on with core business of worship

14 August 2015

CMS creates new order for lay pioneer ministry

CMS celebrates a new way to officially recognise lay workers who are pioneers within the ministerial structures of the Church of England.

11 July 2014

"A Church solely dependent on priests won't survive" - Botswana bishop

Botswana's Bishop wants to "liberate the laity" to be more involved in the life of the Church.

11 March 2014

Anglican laity contribution vital for Malawi Church growth

A church member celebrates lay involvement in the Diocese of Northern Malawi and, after almost two decades of work, challenges the next generation to step up. 

05 December 2013