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Anglican book asks questions about Zionism, Christian Zionism

A book to help Anglicans everywhere to engage more deeply with and become more informed about the issues surrounding the Holy Land is now available.

07 March 2014

Council of Christians and Jews strengthen university links

The critical role of interfaith relations is given top priority this month as students from Durham University invite the Archbishop of York and the Chief Rabbi to campus.

17 February 2014

Abp Welby's warm wishes for Rosh Hashanah

Archbishop Justin wishes Jewish communities 'every blessing' at Rosh Hashanah

04 September 2013

Archbishop of Canterbury meets with Chief Rabbi

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, met with Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks at Lambeth Palace on Wednesday 6th February.

07 February 2013

Anglican Church helps last seven Jews in Baghdad

Anglican Church helps last seven Jews in Baghdad

The last Jews of Baghdad: Just SEVEN remain - And they fear for their lives after being named by WikiLeaks

30 November 2011

Communique of the Anglican - Jewish dialogue commission

The fifth meeting of the Anglican-Jewish Commission of the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel was hosted by the latter 

04 July 2011