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News Stories


Archbishop launches emergency appeal following crippling New South Wales drought

The Archbishop of Sydney’s development agency, Anglican Aid, has launched an emergency appeal in response to a crippling drought.

07 August 2018

Seattle-area Food Bank Farm helps feed the hungry, physically and spiritually

A former-dairy farmer turned priest has returned to his farming roots to create a Food Bank Farm helping to feed the hungry.

07 September 2016

Brazil's Anglicans protest destruction of indigenous land

Hundreds of indigenous Guarani-Kaiowá and Terena people have been violently evicted from their homes in Mato Grosso do Sul.

19 August 2016

Threshing to end global hunger

Farmers from across Canada and the US States broke a world threshing record while raising funds for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank which supports agriculture in Africa.

09 August 2016

British church leaders give support to dairy farmers

Dairy farmers in Wales have won the support of the Archbishop of the province in the ongoing UK dairy-farm crisis; as British church leaders speak out in support of the country's dairy sector.

13 October 2015