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Faith Leaders' Pivotal Role in Ebola Response Was Overlooked

As Ebola infection rates drop in Sierra Leone, Christian relief agencies are urging global and national institutions, donors and policy makers to ensure Sierra Leone’s faith leaders are given a “pivotal” role in their post-Ebola recovery plans.

12 February 2015

Archbishop of Canterbury visits Ebola clinic in Sierra Leone

Archbishop Justin Welby meets with children affected by Ebola during visit to Freetown and Tintafor. 

17 December 2014

Volunteers to offer psychosocial care to Ebola-hit communities

Christian Aid is training hundreds of local volunteers in Sierra Leone 

09 December 2014

UN and church leaders agree more cooperation is needed to fight Ebola

Dr David Nabarro: “The faith groups are absolutely key to the Ebola response because they have access to the communities.”

02 December 2014

Ebola attacks what makes us human, says Archbishop of Canterbury

Watch the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking about the Ebola outbreak and how churches and faith communities are responding. 

28 November 2014

Christian Aid Distributes Start-up Kits to Ebola Survivors in Sierra Leone

Christian Aid is distributing essential household items to Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone this week

18 November 2014

Churches continue to fight, pray against Ebola

Anglican leaders and communities are joining other faith groups in the fight against Ebola and prevent any further spread.

14 November 2014

Young radio reporters in Liberia to spread the word about Ebola

Young reporters in Liberia will soon be preventing the spread of Ebola via radio.

30 October 2014

Christian Aid distributes emergency food aid to quarantined homes in Ebola 'hotspots' to prevent starvation

Christian Aid is delivering emergency food and hygiene kits this week to some of the most vulnerable families

27 October 2014

Ebola in church: a Reverend's quarantine spreads the word

[NPR] There's one place in Monrovia where people continue to gather despite the threat of Ebola: Sunday church service.

21 October 2014