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Bishop lauds Ugandan church-backed diocesan savings and credit cooperative

In the five years since it launched, the Diocese of Ankole’s Savings and Credit Cooperative Society has continued to grow.

26 April 2018

Churches are helping those in debt with 'love, grace and hope' says Archbishop Welby

Archbishop commissions new Church Credit Champions in scheme set to bring benefits for local communities

30 September 2015

Churches Mutual Credit Union formally launched

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s drive to promote access to responsible credit and savings receives a major boost today with the launch of the Churches Mutual Credit Union Ltd. (CMCU)

12 February 2015

Wales: Go-ahead for major church credit union

The Churches’ Mutual Credit Union Ltd (CMCU) which has received formal authorisation from the regulatory authorities today 

17 December 2014

Rap song released highlights the danger of pay-day industry "grooming young people"

A rap song aimed at warning young people about the possible dangers of pay day lenders is released yesterday.

12 June 2014

Sir Hector Sants to Chair Archbishop's Task Group on Credit Unions and the Financial Sector

Sir Hector Sants, former Chief Executive of the Financial Services Authority and Head of Compliance and regulatory affairs for Barclays Bank, has accepted the Archbishop of Canterbury’s invitation to chair a Task Group to help support the growth of Credit Unions

16 January 2014

Diocese's campaign to tackle poverty through Credit Unions

The Anglican Diocese of Durham has launched a major initiative to support credit unions in its area.

11 November 2013

Abp Welby joins Instagram for International Credit Union Day

 The Archbishop of Canterbury has joined Instagram with a message urging churches and communities to support their local credit union.

16 October 2013

Bishop Designate Places Fight Against Poverty Centre Stage

The new Bishop of Durham Designate has underlined his commitment to the fight against poverty.

17 September 2013

Abp Welby first to join new clergy credit union

Archbishop Justin helped launch a new credit union for clergy and church staff, as part of efforts to boost credit unions in all communities

08 July 2013