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English Cathedral solves arrow-slit mystery. Or perhaps not

A longstanding mystery about the purpose of the cross shaped arrow slits in the battlements of Ripon Cathedral [in Yorkshire, England] appears to have been partly solved following an onsite visit of two archery specialists, although the results have led to more questions.

19 February 2016

New home for Lambeth Palace's priceless historic library planned

Proposals to construct a new library at Lambeth Palace are being drawn up. The Church Commissioners for England have appointed husband and wife architects Claire and Sandy Wright to draw up plans for a new library to house one of the world’s most important collections of historic religious documents and artwork, second only to the Vatican in size and importance.

10 December 2015

Bow church wins architectural award

An east London church has been named the UK's best modern church in an architectural competition.

08 November 2013