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Vital role for African church leaders in wiping out malaria

Anglican Churches of Africa are a “unique, trusted network” with a vital role to play in the elimination of malaria across the continent.

24 May 2019

WCC member church in South Sudan launches educational resource on reconciliation

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan’s diocese of Wau has developed a course titled “Reconcile - Moving Forward in Peace”, inviting people to be peace-builders this Lenten season.

13 February 2015

South Sudan bishop: Did our martyrs die in vain?"

“Imagine if the President and former Vice President could forgive each other and form a government of national unity!”- Bishop Moses Deng Bol

03 September 2014

S. Sudan bishop: "Bad governance is the real reason for the conflict"

S. Sudan bishop: "Bad governance is the real reason for the conflict"

A South Sudanese bishop has attributed the continued conflict in his country to bad governance

04 June 2014

Give Lent an African flavour

Doing anything for Lent? Spend some time with one of the most energetic and expanding churches on the planet

20 February 2014

S. Sudan bishop: "Don't be fooled and pay for prayer"

A bishop in South Sudan has hit out at pastors who have been selling prayers and blessings to church members.

05 December 2013

Lack of clergy training partly to blame for tribal conflicts

Some of the tribal conflicts in South Sudan are in part due to a lack of proper clergy training according to Wau's bishop

05 July 2013