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News Stories


United Society reclaims familiar USPG name

The Anglican mission agency United Society is to resume using the more familiar name USPG by which it was known between 1956 and 2012.

22 July 2016

Encountering God in the Storm: Anglicans consult on climate justice

Anglicans from around the world are gathering in Fiji this week for an international consultation on climate justice. 

05 July 2016

Church apologises for inhumane treatment of leprosy patients

The Synod of the Anglican Church in Japan, the Nippon Sei Ko kai (NSKK) has issued a public apology for their part in the isolation and inhumane treatment of people with Hansen’s Disease (leprosy). 

28 June 2016

Church in Sri Lanka responds to devastating floods

The Church of Ceylon has launched an emergency response to devastating floods in Sri Lanka that have claimed over 100 lives and left thousands homeless and without resources.

23 June 2016

United Society backs plan to eradicate Aids by 2030

A UN plan to eradicate Aids as a public health threat by 2030 has been welcomed by the Anglican mission agency United Society; but UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon warns that instead of eradication, the Aids epidemic could be prolonged indefinitely if urgent action is not implemented within the next five years.

17 May 2016

"We refer to the refugees as 'guests'" - in-depth update on European refugee crisis

Max McClellan, the United Society’s co-ordinator in Greece, writes an in-depth report on how church groups and charities are supporting refugees following their arrival on the Greek islands.

08 March 2016

Swaziland declares national emergency as drought intensifies

The government of Swaziland has declared a national emergency as the southern African nation continues to suffer the effects of a devastating drought. The Prime Minister said that the draught, which began in 2014 has “deepened in severity, with a path that has defied regional weather forecasting” and has had “devastating consequences.”

02 March 2016

West African bishops give Ebola briefing to C of E Synod

Three West African bishops have briefed members of the Church of England’s General Synod this week on the Ebola crisis and the role played by the church in tackling it. The Bishops of Bo, Freetown, and Guinea were joined by representatives from the Anglican mission agency United Society and the Anglican Alliance.

19 February 2016

Churches' Ebola response is model for future epidemics

The response of Anglican churches and other faith communities to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa can serve as a model for addressing other epidemics, the Anglican Alliance heard this week.

19 February 2016

"Action" call as 26 refugees drown off Greece

Ten children – five boys and five girls – are amongst 26 Kurdish refugees from Iraq who have been confirmed to have drowned off the coast of Samos Island in Greece yesterday, the Anglican mission agency United Society (formerly USPG) say.

29 January 2016