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Sustainable Development Goals

UN women’s summit recognises role of faith-based communities in climate justice

The role of faith-based communities in achieving gender equality in the context of climate justice is recognised at the United Nations.

13 April 2022

Anglican Churches bring “unheard voices of women” to inter-governmental meeting

Heads of Government from the 53 members of the Commonwealth will benefit from the wisdom of “unheard voices of women”.

15 March 2018

Christian agencies discuss sustainable development

Senior staff from the Anglican Alliance joined colleagues from the ACT Alliance, Caritas Internationalis, Globethics, Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches in the first meeting of its kind to discuss communication and collaboration in policy engagement, advocacy and action.

15 February 2016

Brazilian primate endorses UN's Sustainable Development Goals

The Primate of Brazil has welcomed the United Nations’ new programme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has called on churches in the Province to adopt them so that they can “help to shape our communities into agents of transformation.”

05 October 2015