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Sierra Leone

Prayer and action following Sierra Leone landslides

Mass burial ceremonies for the victims of this week’s catastrophic landslides in the Sierra Leonean capital Freetown have begun.

17 August 2017

West African Anglicans plan five-year post-Ebola mission strategy

It is 10 months since the World Health Organisation declared that the Ebola outbreak in west Africa was at an end; but the aftermath will take many years to resolve.

14 October 2016

Christian Aid: Ebola crisis not yet over

Life-saving health messages needed in local communities in Sierra Leone to prevent new outbreaks

27 March 2015

Faith Leaders' Pivotal Role in Ebola Response Was Overlooked

As Ebola infection rates drop in Sierra Leone, Christian relief agencies are urging global and national institutions, donors and policy makers to ensure Sierra Leone’s faith leaders are given a “pivotal” role in their post-Ebola recovery plans.

12 February 2015

Archbishop of Canterbury visits Ebola clinic in Sierra Leone

Archbishop Justin Welby meets with children affected by Ebola during visit to Freetown and Tintafor. 

17 December 2014

Christian Aid Distributes Start-up Kits to Ebola Survivors in Sierra Leone

Christian Aid is distributing essential household items to Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone this week

18 November 2014

Sierra Leone: Anglican Church provides land for Ebola fight

Freetown Diocese has donated some land where an NGOs can build an Ebola Isolation Unit.

14 October 2014

Episcopal agency's partners empower communities to stop Ebola spread

In Liberia and Sierra Leone, Episcopal Relief & Development’s local Church partners are leveraging their widespread presence and trusted reputation to alleviate suffering and contain the outbreak

28 August 2014

Church groups mobilize to address West Africa Ebola outbreak

Liberian, Sierra Leonean diaspora leading efforts to help their homelands

15 August 2014

Houston priest: Experimental drugs, education needed to stem Ebola crisis

The current Ebola crisis in Africa is of personal concern to the Rev. Johannes George, a native of Sierra Leone

15 August 2014