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Important role of the Eucharist in Anglican Liturgy discussed by the Inter Anglican Liturgical Consultation

The International Anglican Liturgical Consultation (IALC) met in Seoul, South Korea this past week to consult, study, and pray together.

26 February 2024

Bishop Moses Nag Jun Yoo elected Primate of the Anglican Church of Korea

The Bishop of Daejeon, Moses Nak Jun Yoo, has been elected to succeed Bishop Onesimus Park as Primate of the Anglican Church of Korea.

10 August 2018

From believers to disciples: Bishop of Seoul’s New Year challenge to his diocese

The Bishop of Seoul, Peter Lee, has used a New Year message to his diocese to encourage Christians to change from believers to disciples.

10 January 2018

Two-decade wait finally over for Korean women's ministry centre

After 20 years of prayers, hopes and fund-raising, a new Women’s Mission Centre will open in Seoul, Korea, this weekend.

02 September 2016