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Bishop's provincial bike ride raises £13,000

A single donation higher than the original target resulted in Bishop Rob Hardwick raising double the amount planned in a cross-province cycle ride.

28 September 2016

"New beginning" for struggling Canadian theological college

A small, struggling theological college in Saskatchewan, central west Canada, is hoping that a new plan and a new principal will help set it back on track. 

28 June 2016

Saskatchewan Bishop says response to wildfires created solidarity

Bishop urges Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents to address other community challenges together

03 August 2015

Canadian Anglicans on front lines of Saskatchewan wildfire response

Large number of Anglicans among those forced to evacuate due to largest fire crisis in province’s history

08 July 2015

Canadian government repairs to historic church

One of Canada’s oldest churches has been restored after receiving grant aid from the provincial and federal governments.

24 April 2014

Canada: Cree classes at Anglican cathedral

Cathedrals offer more than just a place to worship, they also offer a place to find one's identity...

05 March 2014