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Ten in running to be Bishop of Polynesia and Primate of Aotearoa New Zealand

Former Olympic sprinter amongst 10 candidates to be the next Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

12 October 2018

La Iglesia Anglicana de Chile ratificada como cuadragésima Provincia de la Comunión Anglicana

La Iglesia Anglicana de Chile, actualmente diócesis de la Iglesia Anglicana de América del Sur, se convertirá en la 40.a Provincia de la Comunión Anglicana.

04 October 2018

Iglesia Anglicana de Chile confirmed as 40th Province of the Anglican Communion

The Iglesia Anglicana de Chile – currently in the Anglican Church of South America – will become the 40th province of the Anglican Communion.

02 October 2018

Anglican Primates respond to Archbishop of Canterbury’s request on Letters for Creation

Some of the Anglican Communion’s 39 provinces have responded to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s invitation to write Letters for Creation.

18 September 2018

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry returns to work, with thanksgiving for people’s prayers

The Presiding Bishop of the US-based Episcopal Church, Michael Curry, has returned to ministry after prostate cancer surgery in July.

11 September 2018

Former Church of Pakistan Moderator, Bishop John Victor Samuel, dies

The death has been announced of the former Moderator of the united Church of Pakistan, leading ecumenist Bishop John Victor Samuel.

30 August 2018

New Central America primate sets out mission and justice manifesto at installation service

Speaking on Saturday, Archbishop Julio Murray urged the Province of Central America to “embrace the project” of the Kingdom of God.

13 August 2018

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry resting after cancer surgery

The Presiding Bishop of the US-based Episcopal Church, Michael Curry, is resting comfortably after surgery yesterday for prostate cancer.

01 August 2018

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry diagnosed with prostate cancer

The Presiding Bishop of the US-based Episcopal Church has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will have surgery next Tuesday.

26 July 2018

“Day of Jubilation” as new Primate enthroned for Province de L’Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda

Thousands of people packed into a stadium in the Kigali for the enthronement of Archbishop Laurent Mbanda as the Primate of Rwanda.

11 June 2018