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Church “cannot, and will not, walk away” from reconciling role in global conflict, UN told

Churches are the on the front line of mediation efforts across the world, Archbishop Justin Welby told the UN Security Council yesterday.

30 August 2018

Archbishop of Canterbury speaks of peace at UN Security Council meeting on mediation

Archbishop Justin Welby spoke about reconciliation as he become the first Archbishop of Canterbury to address the UN Security Council.

29 August 2018

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby set to address UN Security Council

Archbishop Justin Welby will become the first Archbishop of Canterbury to address the Security Council when he speaks on mediation.

09 August 2018

South Sudan’s opposition groups pull out of Addis Ababa peace talks

The opposition groups in South Sudan’s civil war have rejected a draft compromise agreement and pulled out of peace talks in Ethiopia.

24 May 2018

Archbishop welcomes ceasefire agreement as South Sudan peace talks continue

The Anglican Archbishop of South Sudan has led five days of mediated peace talks between the warring parties in South Sudan.

23 May 2018

Church in Wales launches mediation service

A new service is being launched today (April 24) by the Church in Wales to help settle conflict when it arises between parishioners or clergy.

24 April 2014