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News Stories


New bells dedicated at Ypres Memorial Church

A ring of bells has been dedicated at a church built in memory of 500,000 British and Commonwealth troops who died during the battles for Ypres.

25 October 2017

Commemorations held to mark Great War centenaries

A number of events have taken place to mark the 100th anniversary of one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War.

01 August 2017

Brussels cathedral holds community dinner

The Diocese of Europe’s pro-cathedral of Holy Trinity in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, brought hope and joy to around 60 people on the margins of society by hosting a community dinner.

26 November 2015

"What if it were you?" Responding to the refugee crisis in Belgium

Etched on a sign outside a makeshift refugee camp in north Brussels were the words “Et si c’était toi?” 

14 October 2015