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Bishop calls for stronger controls on advertisements for gambling and betting

The Church of England’s Bishop of St Albans has welcomed new restrictions on advertising for gambling-related products and services.

13 February 2019

Mothers' Union call Church of England to help end commercialisation of childhood

Synod event highlights Bye Bye Childhood campaign advocating responsible, appropriate marketing to children

16 July 2015

Mother's Union's report highlights commercialisation of children

Bye Buy Childhood campaign seeks to value children as children, not consumers.

18 March 2015

UK's largest Christmas ad vote unveiled

UK's largest Christmas ad vote unveiled

The UK’s largest Christmas ad has been unveiled. The ad, which is taller than the Great Wall of China (40 feet high) and the length of three buses (106 feet long), is part of the church backed ‘Christmas Starts with Christ’ campaign which runs until Christmas.

10 December 2012