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Anglican Communion Secretary General uses speech to Canadian General Synod to urge “moderate language” over disagreements

Anglicans should use moderate language and not be judgmental as they discuss areas of disagreement, Bishop Anthony Poggo said.

28 June 2023

“Do not grow tired of praying for Sudan”, Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo pleads

The Primate of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo, has urged Christians to “not grow tired of praying for Sudan”.

17 November 2020

Persecuted church charity honours Sudanese archbishop

The Archbishop of Sudan, part of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, has been awarded this year’s Pro Fide award by the Finnish based religious liberty group Friends of the Martyred Church.

05 October 2015

Celebrations in Sudan as new internal provincial Archbishop enthroned

The first Archbishop of the new internal province of Sudan has been enthroned during a major celebration service in Khartoum’s All Saints Cathedral.

28 July 2014