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Mothers’ Union establishes GBV Champions across the Province of Southern Africa

Posted on: August 29, 2023 3:22 PM
Diocese of Lesotho Mothers' Union GBV Champions, Mamojelo (right) and Maeva (left)

Mothers’ Union in the Province of Southern Africa has established 10 Provincial GBV Champions as a result of the “remarkable performance of five dioceses across the province,” stated Diocese of Lesotho Mothers’ Union President Maseitshiro KhooeThe province selected five GBV pilot dioceses - George, Highveld, Lesotho, Mbashe and Mpumalanga, from which two GBV Coordinators were drawn. This was part of an 18-month GBV project supported by Mary Sumner House (Mothers’ Union headquarters) from February 2022 to June 2023.   

Maseitshiro continued: “Although there was no competition amongst the selected dioceses, their respective performance was somewhat compared to others’. As such, the two coordinators’ performance had been satisfactory from commencement to completion, with additional successes in their home parishes and the entire Diocese as well. For instance, GBV support groups were established, Mothers’ Union Diocesan GBV Prevention and Response Programme was launched and through their support, a Diocesan GBV Desk was re-established.”  

She hopes that the project will cascade throughout the entire province, funds permitting. “Like other dioceses in the province, the Diocese of Lesotho faces the same financial challenge to continue with the project,” she said. Despite the prevailing financial challenge, the two coordinators, Mamojelo and Maeva have pledged to continue with activities beyond the GBV project. The Council of Mothers’ Union found it befitting to appreciate their significant endurance and awareness they created, even beyond Mothers’ Union,” she continued.  

Mamojelo and Maeva (pictured) have conducted GBV awareness training across the Diocese of Lesotho over the last year. They have listened to harrowing stories and supported survivors to get the help they need. This includes reporting to the police. As a former police officerMamojelo knows the law and not only works closely with the police but encourages women to report 

The Diocese of Lesotho recently held the Mothers’ Union Council meeting where the first female Bishop, Vincentia Kgabe, joined fellow keynote speaker, Mandy Marshall, Director of Gender Justice atthe Anglican Communion and GBV Coordinatorsin encouraging Mothers’ Union leaders to be courageous and firm in preventing and responding to gender-based violence.