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Service to Anglican Communion recognised as Archbishop of Canterbury presents 33 Awards

Posted on: June 23, 2023 4:42 PM
Canon Liz Paver, the Revd Canon John Kafwanka, the Revd Canon Terrie Robinson, and Mrs Stephanie Taylor receive the Cross of St Augustine for Outstanding Service to the Anglican Communion, from the Archbishop of Cantebrury Justin Welby
Photo Credit: Jason Bye / Lambeth Palace

A former Vice Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council and three recent staff members at the Anglican Communion Office are amongst 33 recipients of Lambeth Awards, presented by the Archbishop of Canterbury this week.

Canon Elizabeth Paver, served as Vice Chair of the ACC and the Anglican Communion Standing Committee from 2009 to 2016. She was elected at ACC-14 in Kingston, Jamaica. Canon Paver was awarded the Cross of St Augustine for “her outstanding contribution to the life of the Anglican Communion and of the Church of England as a past Vice-Chair of both the Anglican Consultative Council and of the General Synod’s House of Laity.”

Her citation said: “As the Archbishop of York noted in July 2021, ‘If you think Liz is held in high regard and high esteem in the Church of England – which she most certainly is – wow, you ought to see the esteem with which she is held across the Anglican Communion and the remarkable contribution she has made to the life of our Communion!’ These seem fitting words with which to sum up Liz’s outstanding contribution.”

The Revd Canon John Kafwanka Kaoma, Vicar of the Parish of St Augustine of Canterbury in Whitton near Twickenham in south-west London, was awarded the Cross of St Augustine for his outstanding leadership in the Anglican Communion as Director for Mission at the ACO, inspiring churches on engaging with the Marks of Mission and playing a leading role in envisioning the Season (Decade) of Intentional Discipleship.

John Kafwanka began his ordained ministry in Chingola, Zambia, in 1993. In the following years he served as a lecturer and then principal at St John’s College in Kitwe, before becoming Regional Manager for the Anglican mission agency CMS in Southern Africa. In 2006 he joined the Anglican Communion Office in London, working in the Mission department, before becoming Director of Mission in 2009. He held the role until 2020 when he returned to parochial ministry.

In his role at the Anglican Communion Office, he was responsible for monitoring mission trends in the Anglican Communion and across world Christianity and feed into Anglican Communion structures.

“He facilitated and helped to shape the Communion ’s understanding of the Five Marks of Mission”, his citation reads. “He supported several provinces in defining their own strategies for holistic mission. He worked with leaders across the Anglican Communion in developing and promoting the Season (Decade) of Intentional Discipleship & Disciple-making, including his editorial work on key resources. “

The Revd Canon Terrie Robinson was awarded the Cross of St Augustine for “outstanding and dedicated service to the Anglican Communion with over 16 years at the Anglican Communion Office supporting ecumenical and intra-Anglican dialogue, facilitating the Anglican Communion Networks and establishing the ACO Women’s Desk.”

She was ordained in 2001 to serve as a local minister in the parish of Cookham near Maidenhead, Berkshire. She joined the staff at the Anglican Communion Office in 2003 and worked in various roles, latterly Director for Women in Church and Society, which she held until her retirement in 2019.

“Initially joining to support the ACO’s work in Unity, Faith and Order with ecumenical and intra-Anglican Dialogue, she then worked for many years facilitating the official Anglican Global Networks, helping these groups of committed individuals to become effective networks, with governance and strategy”, her citation read.

Stephanie Taylor was awarded the Cross of St Augustine for her outstanding contribution to the strength, continuity and functionality of the Anglican Communion.

A chartered librarian with a background in the charity sector, she held various roles in her eight years at the ACO, culminating in the new role of Director of Administration and Logistics. “She knew the value and importance of that great Anglican maxim: that all things should be done ‘decently and in order’”, her citation read. “Stephanie provided outstanding support to the administrative and governance functions of the Anglican Communion. She leaves a legacy of a vastly improved archive of Anglican Communion documents and resources. She supported all four Instruments of Communion with clarity and efficiency, that each was able to function to its best.

“During her time she administered no fewer than seven Primates’ Meetings; two Anglican Consultative Councils; numerous ACC Standing Committees; and played a significant role in preparations for the 2022 Lambeth Conference. She organised and participated in working parties and commissions and helped the ACC in implementing a review of the functioning of its secretariat.”

Three other people received the Cross of Saint Augustine for services to the Anglican Communion:

The Revd Dr John Deane for his outstanding leadership in the Communion in the area of holistic mission, including leading the Anglican Board of Mission, Church of Australia, for over 20 years and playing a leading catalytic role in the formation of the Anglican Alliance.

“As a leading thinker, John has shaped the vision of the Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) into a significant agency serving the global Church with partnerships throughout the Anglican Communion, and especially in Asia and the Pacific”, his citation says. “The long-standing relationships of trust which John has established across many provinces have proved valuable, especially in fragile contexts such as Myanmar.”

Fiona Millican, part of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Anglican Communion Team based at Lambeth Palace, was awarded the Cross of St Augustine for her outstanding contribution to the strength, continuity and functionality of the Anglican Communion.

“Throughout a distinguished career, Fiona Millican provided outstanding support to three successive Archbishops of Canterbury,” her citation says. “Through her wisdom, intellect and thoughtfulness, Fiona enriched and facilitated each of their ministries throughout the Anglican Communion. Her rich knowledge and experience of the Communion’s Instruments and activities were greatly valued and appreciated by colleagues.

“Keeping Archbishops on the move, Fiona diligently researched, planned and delivered innumerable overseas trips, herself accompanying Archbishops on several. Transforming and professionalising the way that trips were prepared and administered – including an innovative way of briefing – Fiona ensured that time abroad was impactful. Archbishop Justin’s ambitious desire to visit every Province of the Communion within 18 months [of his installation] was realised largely through Fiona’s work.”

Robert W Radtke was awarded the Cross of St Augustine for Outstanding leadership in the Anglican Communion in the areas of humanitarian relief and social development, including leading Episcopal Relief & Development, a global agency of the US-based Episcopal Church, since 2005 and playing a leading catalytic role in the formation of the Anglican Alliance.

“Dr Robert Radtke has played an outstanding role in building the capacity and effectiveness of the Anglican Communion in humanitarian relief, disaster resilience and sustainable development”, his citation read. “As a thought leader in international development, Rob has shaped the vision of Episcopal Relief & Development into a major agency serving the global Church with partnerships throughout the Anglican Communion.

“The quality and professionalism of its work has provided a sector lead in faith initiatives, including in the fields of malaria, of early childhood development, of gender justice and of disaster resilience and response. Episcopal Relief and Development’s policy and research work has brought recognition from the United Nations and secular agencies not just for the organisation itself, but also for the wider Communion and faith based organisations.”

The Revd Canon Huw Thomas, MBE was awarded the Cross of St Augustine for outstanding and selfless service to Churches of the Anglican Communion.

Canon Thomas joined USPG in his 50s, having served in both the Church in Wales and the Church of England, latterly as Canon Treasurer of Liverpool.

“He went first to Addis Ababa, where his generous response to the plea by Sudanese refugees for support for establishing Anglican congregations in Gambella laid the foundations for tremendous church growth”, his citation read. “Characteristic of his cultural sensitivity, he first obtained the blessing of the Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarch for this mission. The region now forms a vibrant Diocese within the Province of Alexandria.

“In 1997 he was called to be Provost of All Saints Cathedral, Cairo, continuing ground-breaking work with Sudanese refugees and providing essential support to (and winning the affection of) the newly ordained Bishop.

“When Edwardes College in Peshawar needed a Principal, he responded to the call, staying in post when others left after the 9/11 attacks and working for better East-West understanding.

Returning to the UK at 70, he continued service to his former Province, chairing first the Egypt Diocesan Association and then the Jerusalem and Middle East Church Association until an appeal was made for him to help resolve a complex situation in Algiers for ‘some months.’ He went with just a suitcase and, five years later, leaves local Algerian Anglicans nurtured through theological studies, and licensed as Lay Ministers.”

The Cross of St Augustine for outstanding service to the Anglican Communion is part of a suite of Lambeth Awards that are presented by the Archbishop of Canterbury each year.

“We live in a troubled world, where all around us we see conflict, war, discrimination, division, poverty and deep inequality, but our faith in Jesus gives us hope”, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said. We see that hope exemplified in the wonderful service of the people we have recognised today.

“Many of the people who have received awards today have worked unseen and unsung, striving for justice, peace, reconciliation, advances in education, worship and prayer. Not all are followers of Jesus Christ, but, through their endeavours, they have made significant contributions to the mutual respect and maintenance of human dignity, which is so vital to spiritual and social health and the flourishing of mankind. The Lambeth Awards shine a light on their outstanding efforts and dedication.”

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The Other Lambeth Awards recipients this year- many of whom include service in the Anglican Communion are:

The Alphege Award for Evangelism and Witness

John Dean
For providing high quality training which, over time, has produced Christian leaders for both the Church and public life

Dr Amy Orr-Ewing
For exceptional dedication, skill and insight in advocating for the good news of Jesus Christ and unflinching commitment that the church embodies the truth and grace of which it speaks

George Verwer
For outstanding services to Christian ministry and evangelism

The Canterbury Cross for Services to the Church of England

Canon Linda Ali
For her outstanding contribution to the cause of Racial Justice in society and in the Church of England over twenty-five years

Caroline Boddington
For her outstanding contribution in transforming the process of senior leadership development and appointment in the Church of England

Dr Paolo Cesare Coniglio OBE
For outstanding service to the Church of England in Italy, particularly in negotiation of a successful agreement between the Italian state and the Associazione Chiesa d’Inghilterra

Ken Costa
For his outstanding contributions to the Church of England, not least in chairing the Lambeth Trust

The Revd Cortland Fransella
For outstanding service to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the community of Lambeth Palace over many years

The Revd Raymond Hemingray
For outstanding services to ecclesiastical law and the Church of England

Lee Marshall
For outstanding service to diversity and inclusion in the Church of England, particularly in the National Church Institutions

Mrs Margot Coleman Clotilde Riordan-Eva MA
For outstanding voluntary service as calligrapher to two Archbishops of Canterbury and to Lambeth Palace

The Dunstan Award for Prayer and the Religious Life

Brother Christopher John SSF
For a lifetime of outstanding service through SSF across the Anglican Communion

The Hubert Walter Award for Reconciliation and Interfaith Cooperation

Canon Peter Adams
For his leadership, inspiration and practical action in the field of reconciliation, interfaith cooperation and anti-extremism work in Luton, as well as nationally and internationally

The Revd David R Gould
For spearheading an award winning, innovative interfaith and peacebuilding work in Smethwick that has made a significant difference to interfaith relations in that area and beyond

Professor Amy-Jill Levine, PhD
For developing awareness about Jesus’ Jewish identity and the Jewish contexts of the New Testament, and for unflagging education efforts in church and popular settings

The Revd Courtney Dale Sampson, MA, ThM
For his life-long passionate dedication to reconciliation, human rights, prophetic witness and interfaith relationships

The Lambeth Cross for Ecumenism

The Revd Canon Malcolm Rogers
For outstanding achievements as Chaplain of St Andrew’s Church Moscow and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Apkrisiarios to the Patriarch of Moscow

The Lanfranc Award for Education and Scholarship

Robin Baird-Smith
For half-a-century’s work in religious publishing, publishing the works of Archbishops, Bishops, Popes, Cardinals, the Chief Rabbi, as well as many Anglican and Roman Catholic clergy

The Revd Doctor Malcolm Guite
For his outstanding multifaceted promotion of the Gospels through poetry, public speaking and scholarship

The Venerable Dr Hirini Kaa
For outstanding service as a Church Historian and Theological Educator and for outstanding scholarship in the research and publication of the award-winning book Te Hahi Mihinare – The Maori Anglican Church

Ms Clair Malik, Mother of Deaf in Egypt
For committing her whole life to the Education of the Special Needs Children, especially the hearing impaired

The Revd Mark Yan Ying Sum Nam
For his outstanding contribution to raising the profile and participation of Chinese-heritage clergy and communities in the Church of England and commitment to serving the overseas Chinese diaspora, in particular those settling in the United Kingdom from Hong Kong

The Revd Canon Dr Mark Oakley
For writing, speaking, leading conferences, study days and retreats, and being in huge demand for helping church people and those not of faith to understand the relationship between poetry and faith

The Langton Award for Community Service

The Revd Andrew Piaso
For long and outstanding service, largely on a voluntary basis, translating prayer books, the Bible, a basic dictionary, and children’s literacy books in local Solomon Island vernaculars

The Thomas Cranmer Award for worship

Mr George Barber
For sustained excellence in his service to church music in Stockton- on-Tees and the Durham Diocese