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Death of Queen Elizabeth II: Statement from the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion

Posted on: September 9, 2022 9:21 AM
Photo Credit: Joe Giddens

The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, Bishop Anthony Poggo, said:

“The late Queen Elizabeth II had a deep personal faith in Jesus Christ which she was never afraid to share and talk about. She used her annual Christmas messages, televised around the world, as an opportunity to talk about the hope, peace and joy of the Gospel – a hope, peace and joy grounded in the realities of whatever difficulties people were facing at that particular time.

“She was Supreme Governor of the Church of England, but held the whole Anglican Communion of Churches in great esteem. Over the years, she looked forward to welcoming the bishops of the Communion to Buckingham Palace for a reception during Lambeth Conferences.

“At this year’s Lambeth Conference, which she was unable to attend, the Queen sent a message in which she said: ‘now, as so often in the past, you have convened during a period of immense challenge for bishops, clergy and lay people around the world, with many of you serving in places of suffering, conflict and trauma. It is of comfort to me that you do so in the strength of God. . . Throughout my life, the message and teachings of Christ have been my guide and in them I find hope. It is my heartfelt prayer that you will continue to be sustained by your faith in times of trial and encouraged by hope at times of despair.’

“I join with Anglican leaders around the world in thanking God for the Queen’s unstinting lifetime of service and faithfulness to Christ; and in offering my condolences and an assurance of prayers to King Charles III and the rest of the Royal Family.”