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A Christmas Message from Moderator Dharmaraj Rasalam and leaders of the CSI

Posted on: December 22, 2020 12:44 PM
The painful journey of the migrant labourers during the lockdown, which was announced without any proper planning, is depicted in this Christmas card by drawing a parallel between the plight of these labourers and the flight of Joseph and Mary with the infant Jesus to Egypt fearing King Herod. Mr. Harry Naveen Kumar, a member of the Dornakal Diocese of the Church of South India, is the artist.
Photo Credit: Harry Naveen Kumar / CSI

A Christmas Message from Moderator Dharmaraj Rasalam and the Deputy Moderator, General Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of the united Church of South India.

What child is this who fled that night
From Herod's wrathful order?
As Rachel wept
The family kept
On pressing toward the border.

This, this is Christ our king:
A refugee, a stranger.
Pray, pray for all like him,
The Babe, the son of Mary.

- Victoria Emily Jones (2016)

Ten million migrant labourers were forced to travel back to their homes, mainly on foot, when the lockdown was announced claiming to combat Covid-19 in India! The lockdown by the government, which was like a magician pulls out a rabbit out of the hat, adversely affected the poor and vulnerable groups of people such as migrant labourers.

Thousands of hapless people died, and many were killed in the mishaps on the road and railway tracks when they were forced by the state machinery exerted power without compassion. Surprisingly, the government did not maintain any data on how many migrant labourers were affected by the surprise announcement of lockdown! As of the nameless victims in Rama (Matthew 2: 18), the migrant Labourers’ lamentation, weeping and mourning also go down in the history as another inhuman story of the excessive use of the power of the rulers.

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see- I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people (Luke 2: 10).

When fear engulfs; the miraculous voice tells us, “do not be afraid!”

When pain torments; the soothing voice tells us, “you will be healed!”

When hopelessness surrounds; the strengthening voice tells us, “you are given good news!”

When darkness covers; the pleasant voice tells us, “there will be a new dawn!”

We join the proclamation of hope amidst hopelessness and liberation amidst oppression.

Let us enjoy the joy of Christmas every day!

Wish you a meaningful Christmas and a PEACEFUL New Year 2021

The Most Revd A Dharmaraj Rasalam

The Right Revd Dr K Reuben Mark
Deputy Moderator

Adv C Fernandas Rathina Raja
General Secretary

Prof Dr B Vimal Sukumar
Honorary Treasurer