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Anglican Priest elected Seychelles President in first victory for Seychelles Democratic Alliance

Posted on: November 10, 2020 6:24 PM
The Reverend Wavel Ramakalawan is sworn is as President of Seychelles on 27 October
Photo Credit: State House, Seychelles

An Anglican priest, Wavel Ramkalawan, has been elected to serve as the fifth President of the Seychelles. It is the first time in the country’s 44 years of independence from Great Britain that the President is not from the United Seychelles Party. President Ramkalawan came close to winning power in the 2015 election, falling just 200 votes short of victory. But he triumphed in last month’s elections, winning 54.9 per cent of the vote against incumbent President Danny Faure’s 43.5 per cent.

Former President Faure congratulated Ramkalawan on his victory and wished him good luck. The Reuters news agency reported a good natured transfer of power, with the former president sat nodding his head in agreement as President Ramkalawan delivered his victory speech.

“Mr Faure and I are good friends”, President Ramkalawan said, “and an election does not mean the end of one’s contribution to one’s motherland. In this election, there were no losers, there were no winners. Our country was given the opportunity as the ultimate winner.”