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Chilean priest recognised for preaching and training others

Posted on: August 9, 2019 12:41 PM
The Revd Esteban Álvarez, leader of the Church of El Salvador in Antofagasta, Chile
Photo Credit: Iglesia Anglicana de Chile
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[ACNS, by Rachel Farmer] A Chilean priest has been recognised for his preaching skills by being invited to join an international preaching ministry set up by Anglican theologian and author, John Stott.
Esteban Álvarez, who leads the Church of El Salvador in Antofagasta, part of the Anglican Church of Chile (Iglesia Anglicana de Chile), has been invited to join the Langham preaching ministry and take on a national role in training others.

He said it was a great privilege and responsibility: “I have been asked to be part of the National Committee, to support the work of Ricardo Vallejos in Temuco, helping with national coordination and strengthening this ministry where there is already a presence as well as raising new seminars in other cities of Chile.”

After taking part in the Langham training sessions with other pastors and leaders he has been organising seminars in his own area and said he was surprised last month to be invited to be part of the charity’s ministry to serve the church both locally and nationally.

Esteban Álvarez will be part of training other facilitators in the Southern Cone, which will happen outside the country. He said: “Our dream is to be able to train facilitators during the next year in Chile." He said they will have the first generation of preachers graduating next year and there are many more lined for graduation in 2021.

The Langham Partnership was founded John Stott, with the aim of training Christian pastors and lay leaders in biblical preaching through practical workshops and bible study groups.

"We organise intensive seminars of biblical preaching among pastors and lay preachers and groups that meet monthly," Alvarez said. “The idea is to strengthen the groups and seminars that are already in progress in Santiago, Temuco and Antofagasta, and start new seminars in other cities such as Viña, Valparaíso and Concepción, among others, in addition to preparing facilitators who will be able to teach in future seminars.”