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South Sudan’s first Episcopal radio station named in honour of Mothers’ Union President

Posted on: February 12, 2019 4:40 PM

[ACNS, by Kenyi Dube in Juba] The Central Equatoria internal province has established the first Episcopal radio station in South Sudan’s capital Juba. It has been named to honour the tremendous role played by the first Provincial President of the Mothers’ Union, Mama Sarah Meling, who served what was then the Episcopal Church of Sudan, from 1985 as its first MU President: Sit Sarah Radio 98.1FM – the word “Sit” is coined from an Arabic word meaning Madam in English.

Sit Sarah received Christ as her personal saviour in an East African Revival-movement crusade conducted in Yei in the 1940s. She moved to Juba in 1951 and subsequently started the revival movement in Juba, working with the Mothers’ Union. Her tireless work earned her a chance to visit the Mary Sumner House in the UK both in the 1989 and 1994.

She was recognised for her work in building families and as a counsellor for many young married couples. She eventually formed and started the first young family group at the All Saints Cathedral in Juba, before starting a Widow’s Relief and Rehabilitation Programme at St James Parish church in Juba.

Mama Sara had a passion of visiting all the revival members from home to home around Juba and is being remembered for her love in the country, the mothers union in the whole won’t forget about her works her legacy remains forever. She died in October 1996, but many church leaders still talk about her works.

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During the inauguration of Sit Sara Radio 98.1FM, the Dean of All Saints Cathedral, Canon Jackson Moses, said: “Sit Sara placed herself in full service, serving people as a leader, counsellor and as a mentor for young couples.

“One instant thing I can’t forget is that she had helped many families in a state of collapse or even divorce. She managed to reconcile many, many families that I cannot count. She had done a lot that we can take time to narrate her story; but I want to thank the Archbishop of the Internal Province of Central Equotoria for coming up with this initiative and making Mama Sara’s legacy remain through this radio station.”