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Archbishop’s appeal after fire destroys market in the birthplace of Anglicanism in Burundi

Posted on: February 25, 2019 3:23 PM
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The Primate of Burundi, Archbishop Martin Nyaboho, has joined local civic leaders in appealing for support after the main market in Matana was burned down. The Natana Commune, in the southern Burundian province of Bururi, is considered the birthplace of Anglicanism in the country. Archbishop Martin visited the scene of the fire with local diocesan Bishop Seth Ndayirukiye last month and met the commune administrator to express his solidarity.

“Most of the people who are making trades here are members of the Anglican Church in Burundi”, Archbishop Martin said in a video for the Anglican Church of Burundi. “It is expected that over 4,000 families who are living from the income from this local market.”

Speaking in the video, the commune administrator said that people have lost much. “That’s why we ask for support to those who can support us, including the Anglican Church”, she said. “We normally work together in many ways so you’re among those we’ll call for support.”

Archbishop Martin added: “I want to join my voice to hers, appealing to any generous givers for support so that we can at least support these families, these people who have lost their properties, their businesses, so that in the near future they can recover again and be able to support their families on a daily basis like before.”