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Albany bishop William Love appeals against Presiding Bishop’s restriction of ministry

Posted on: January 14, 2019 1:01 PM
Bishop William Love (left) of the Diocese of Albany and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry of the US-based Episcopal Church
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Bishop William Love, the Bishop of Albany in the US-state of New York, has told his diocese that he will appeal against a temporary restriction on his ministry. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry imposed the restriction last week in response to Bishop Love’s refusal to accept a General Convention resolution – Resolution B012 – that required all bishops to permit churches in their diocese to conduct same-sex marriage where it was legal under the relevant civil law. The Presiding Bishop’s restriction was designed to prevent Bishop William taking disciplinary action against any clergy that carried out same-sex marriages.

In a message to his diocese, Bishop William said that in challenging the restriction, he will also “be challenging the authority and legality of Resolution B012”.

He said: “While I obviously would rather not have had disciplinary action taken against me, and hope to see it overturned in the near future, I will abide by the restrictions placed on me by the Presiding Bishop during the appeal process.”

The right of appeal is laid down in the Canons of the US-based Episcopal Church.