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Anglican Church of Kenya becomes third province to launch Green Anglicans movement

Posted on: October 24, 2018 2:14 PM
Bishop Joseph Mutungi blesses sapling during service at All Saints Cathedral in Machakos for the launch of the Green Anglicans movement in Kenya. A number of trees were planted to mark the launch.
Photo Credit: Green Anglicans

The Anglican Church of Kenya has become the third Anglican province to become home to the Green Anglicans movement. Spearheaded by the Anglican Students’ Fellowship, Green Anglicans in Kenya will encourage members to “take up their roles in being good stewards of God’s creations and ensure that future generations will have a better place to live in”, ASF coordinator Dennis Nthenge said.

The Green Anglicans movement in Kenya took place at All Souls Cathedral in Machakos on Saturday. Youth representatives from all over Kenya were in attendance, as were environment specialists and representatives from Anglican institutions.

The Bishop of Machakos, Joseph Mutungi, said that the Green Anglicans movement would help communities across Kenya realise that the “environment is God’s creation and should be preserved for the sake of future generations.” And he praised the young people for “embracing the concept”.

The Director of Mission for the Anglican Church of Kenya, John Mark Oduor, also praised the initiative, saying: “the earth belongs to God and today we gather here to surrender our service to him by way of taking good care of the environment.”

The launch of the Green Anglicans movement in Kenya chimes with the “Wholesome Environment” Pillar in the 10-ear provincial strategy which runs from 2018-2027. The pillar focuses on environmental stewardship, awareness, advocacy, clean-ups and adoption of renewable sources of energy.

The Green Anglican movement began in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, before spreading to the Church of the Province of Central Africa and now the Anglican Church of Kenya.