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Mothers’ Union celebrates 70 years of serving “family, church and country” in Burundi

Posted on: August 2, 2018 3:46 PM
Photo Credit: Anglican Church of Burundi

The Mothers’ Union in Burundi has played a key role in transforming individuals, families and communities by equipping women with basic skills required for their daily responsibilities since 1948. In the early days, the movement focused on weaving, sewing and cooking while sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“At the beginning, we did not understand much of what it was to join a movement of women and the importance of what we were supposed to learn from it,” 83-year-old passionate MU member Marcienne Wimana said. “Women who served the Lord as missionaries in the 40s kept calling us to join. Since the time we have enrolled our life has completely changed and we now bear marks of Mothers’ Union in our hearts”.

Another MU member, 86-year-old Emilienne Mudende, commented: “We had been taught how to look after the members of our families; and the Gospel we heard has transformed our lives so that our reputation within communities was such that many women from every corner and different denominations joined the program. Some of them joined the Anglican Church and then became members of Mothers’ Union. That‘s how the movement kept growing.”

Over the years, the Mothers’ Union in Burundi has been at the forefront of tackling illiteracy in the country through its Literacy and Development Programme that has been an unprecedented success. Now the Literacy and Financial Education Programme is facilitating the setting up of small businesses and the management of savings and assets.

Advocacy has also been an important part of the MU’s contribution as it has engaged with social issues, including gender-based violence.

“Their contribution to the education of children and economic development, and their commitment to end gender-based violence is something that members of Mothers’ Union can be proud of,” the Church said in its provincial newsletter.