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Mothers’ Union women inspired to change their communities

Posted on: August 24, 2018 2:11 PM
Group at Mothers’ Union Kenya’s provincial conference
Photo Credit: Christine Oyondi
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More than 2,000 women are returning home from a Mothers’ Union provincial conference in Kenya inspired to take a lead in their communities. On Monday, 20 August, they arrived at Kabarak University in the Rift Valley for a week of celebration of each other’s ministry and renewal of their service to the marginalised. They also took time to worship together and minister to each other. The conference ends today.

This conference, which happens every three years, drew its theme from Micah 6:8, “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Over the week, these women have attended Bible studies, workshops, and lecture sessions. They discussed issues such as ending gender-based violence, caring for abandoned children, and achieving reconciliation. The sessions also provided training for entrepreneurship and building savings and credit, allowing women to become self-reliant. 

The Mothers’ Union President of the Mumias Diocese, Brenda Wandera, explained how the conference addressed the women’s own spiritual needs. “First and foremost, this conference is spiritually uplifting,” she shared. ”It feels nice to just sit and listen to the Word of God and listen to His voice. I feel spiritually nourished.”

Brenda went on to say that the spiritual development of these women was just as important for the Church and society overall. “All sessions are centred on the well-being of the family and the Church,” she said. “We are being equipped to spread Godly influence in my community.”

Bev Jullien, Chief Executive of the Mothers’ Union, explained that the training provided these women with skills to impact their communities. “The atmosphere is vibrant, and the commitment to members’ faith is action is stunning,” she said. “They are recognising that they themselves are best placed to solve the challenges in their own society and want to move away from a culture of dependency to owning problems and finding solutions themselves.”

The Mothers Union was founded in 1876, with the intention of bringing together woman from all walks of life to support mothers and children. Today the organisation has chapters around the world and more than four million members. In Kenya alone there are 450,000 members. These women meet every three years for their provincial conference to discuss their work and to support each other.