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Costa Ricans reflect on creation

Posted on: August 21, 2018 2:33 PM
Dr. Ruth Padilla Deborst, a Latin American theologian, speaks at a workshop.
Photo Credit: Iglesia Episcopal Costarricense

The Episcopal Diocese of Costa Rica hosted a workshop last month promoting the just and responsible treatment of the earth. The workshop, “The Responsible Coexistence in the Community of Creation,” is part of the wider “Live Your Faith Naturally” programme the diocese has launched encouraging creation care.

Dr. Ruth Padilla Deborst, a Latin American theologian, was a guest speaker at the workshop. She encouraged all attendees to rethink the Gospel in terms of salvation being for all creation, not only on a personal level. Other aspects of theology could also be viewed through this lens, including love of God, love for our neighbour, and mission, she said.

This workshop reminded the audience more and more studies prove climate change to be true and encouraged them to take action. It challenged the members of the diocese to change their thinking around climate change, and God’s call to the Church regarding creation.

According to one attendee, "Those who attended left convinced that we can make a difference."

The workshop comes just before the 2018 Season of Creation launches in September. The Season of Creation, an initiative first observed by the Orthodox Church in 1989, begins every year on the Global Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on 1 September, and concludes each year on St. Francis of Assisi Day, on 4 October. Sometimes referred to a Creation Time, it is an opportunity for Christians to pray for creation and to commit to a ministry of healing for the Earth.

You can learn more about the 2018 Season of Creation here.