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Mothers’ Union offers liturgy to help churches mark Mothering Sunday

Posted on: January 10, 2018 2:18 PM
Canterbury Cathedral is the mother church of the Anglican Communion. While traditionally Mothering Sunday is a day on which people would visit their mother church, in Europe it has become an occasion for honouring mothers in a way that Mothers’ Day has in other parts of the world.
Photo Credit: Gavin Drake
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The international Anglican mission agency Mothers’ Union has released a free Eucharistic liturgy and other resources to help churches mark Mothering Sunday, which this year falls on 11 March. The liturgy has been prepared by students from St Mellitus Theology College, which was established in 2007 by the dioceses of London and Chelmsford, and includes material from the Church of England’s Common Worship book.

The Mothers’ Union has also released other resources, including a collection of prayers, a structured family service, and a series of activities for children.

“Mothering Sunday is a very important day in our calendar at Mothers’ Union and we provide resources on the website to help church families to celebrate, support and appreciate the role of mothers and all those who play a mothering role in their families and communities,” the MU chief executive, Bev Jullien, said.

“They are interactive, ranging from fun-packed activities for children and prayers to a beautiful liturgy written by the students of St Mellitus Theology College.

“We are very aware that, for some, Mothering Sunday can be a difficult day, and so the liturgy in particular includes material to acknowledge, support and pray for those for whom it may be a painful time”.

Traditionally a day on which people would visit their “mother” church, Mothering Sunday in Europe has become an occasion for honouring mothers in a way that Mothers’ Day has in other parts of the world.

The Mother’s Union has also produced an online catalogue of alternative Mothering Sunday gifts to raise funds for its work around the world. Gifts range in price from £6 GBP for its “greater love”, which supports projects in the UK that help restore broken relationships in communities; to £100 for its “powerful voice”, which supports projects designed to give mothers the confidence and skills to speak out against inequality and gender-based violence.”

The Mothers’ Union says that its “truly inspiring and empowering Make a Mother’s Day gifts” will help “mothers move from life on the margins right to the heart of their families and communities. Whether that’s through enabling a mother to learn to read, become a budding entrepreneur or learn new skills that help her improve her home.”

The gifts are, in effect donations and it follows a growing trend of charities offering alternative gifts where money is provided for good causes instead of material goods.

  • Click here to access the Mothers’ Union Mothering Sunday liturgical resources.

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