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Archbishop of Uganda calls for “fervent prayer and fasting for our nation”

Posted on: December 14, 2017 4:42 PM
Archbishop Stanley Ntagali has called Anglicans in Uganda to a week of “fervent prayer and fasting" for their nation
Photo Credit: Church of Uganda
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Members of the Anglican Church of Uganda are being asked to take part in a week of “fervent prayer and fasting for our nation” next week (18 to 24 December). Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, the Primate of Uganda, made the call, and asked Anglicans in the country to “pray for us as a Church to understand our calling by God through Christ and our role in society to be advocates of peace, agents of reconciliation without showing partiality. Pray also for us as a Church to uphold our prophetic role to challenge injustice and violence of all kinds, which are against the will of God and humanity and societal well-being.”

The province has produced a daily timetable, with prayer pointers and scripture readings for the week of prayer and fasting. On Monday, Anglicans in Uganda will be praying for “the Church to understand our calling, biblical mandate, prophetic voice and role as advocates of peace to every citizen of our nation regardless of our differences”; and on Tuesday, “in this Year of the Family and the continuation of the Year of the Family in 2018, pray for families, marriages, and children. The Importance of Christian parenting, family responsibilities and harmonious living in society.”

The “state of political anxiety” is the focus of prayer on Wednesday. The prayer pointers say that this is due to a “lack of patriotic spirit, selfish ambitions and politically charged mindsets inciting communities into anarchy.” Participants are being asked to “pray for the security organs police and army to be agents of peace and harmony in society.”

Throughout the rest of the week, subjects given for prayer include spiritual warfare, all forms of violence and gender injustices, the young people, the Government, President, politicians and judiciary, and injustice in society, including the suppression of the disadvantaged and the poor, injustice in courts of law, gender violence, corruption, and “land grabbing from those economically and intellectually disadvantaged in our society.”

The Church of Uganda has produced a prayer card, available as a downloadable pdf document, with its daily prayers included.