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"Words not bullets must resolve our problems"

Posted on: August 25, 2017 6:51 PM
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The South Sudan Council of Churches has issued a statement reflecting on the violent conflict that continues to plague the nation. The statement came at the end of a three day meeting in Lusaka, Zambia.

"Death, displacement, hunger and impoverishment have brought our people to their knees, and they are deeply tired of this unbearable situation,” the statement says.  “The parties to the conflicts appear not closer to a resolution, despite frameworks and signed agreements, risking total destruction of our beautiful land.”

The South Sudan Council of Churches defined a collective moral responsibility to stop the violence and prevent the misuse of power and arms. “The war must end! National interests and the interests of the people in South Sudan must be put first, arms must be laid down and those within and around South Sudan who support violence must stop fanning the flames.”

The council statement further asks people to denounce negative tribal and political inclinations. “We appeal to you to resist the temptation of being pulled towards divided and negative paths and stand together for peace! We call upon you all as people of integrity to seek the path of dialogue, forgiveness and reconciliation.”

The statement urges people to take courage. “We believe that if all the people of South Sudan exert the same efforts toward peace, we can have it!” .... “Words not bullets must resolve our problems.”